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"Drum Machine were probably the quirkiest and one of the most impressive additions to the bill; a thirty five piece live drum outfit, they play modern, urban drum music on traditional samba instruments.


Aside from the spectacle they create through sheer size, their costume (check ‘em out!) and the force of their sound, they are so tight, so groovy and so damn cool; we highly suggest you go and see them as soon as you can."


Benjamin Paul (Just Another Magazine' review at the La La and the Boo Ya single release party)

“DM were awesome last night. The most exciting fusion of music and imagery I’ve witnessed in a long time. Drum Machine are on it!”


Dave Jepson, Batala Wales

“It’s a bateria but no trace of samba… Drum Machine have started their own genre.”


Doug Lyon

(Senior Media Lecturer)

Brighton University